Pathways to the Sea

The Hyundai Marine Sports Centre – a truly unique project

Marine sports have enjoyed over 60 years of activity at The Landing, Okahu Bay in Auckland and The Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust wants to ensure we are able to celebrate another 60 years at this pristine location. This is why we are developing an international quality, marine based multi-use facility.

The Hyundai Marine Sports Centre will pride itself on being a fully inclusive, marine sports hub, capable of hosting world class events whilst delivering outstanding facilities for a myriad of marine based users for competitive, recreational and educational purposes. It will be a vibrant destination on the Auckland waterfront that will be open and available to the whole community.

Our Vision

To create an international quality marine based multi-sport facility to enable education and participation that is inclusive and accessible for all of our community.

Why are we doing it?

The way in which clubs and communities are delivering sport today is changing. With increasing popularity and growth, regional organisations, clubs and community groups are looking to provide stronger pathways to connect people to sports, recreation and active lifestyles.

The Akarana Marine Sports Charitable Trust aims to provide a safe and well informed environment in which people (tangata) can have fun, grow and explore some of NZ’s key taonga (treasure) – our moana (sea) and our whenua (land).

Okahu Bay has a rich historical and cultural presence on the Auckland waterfront. The new facilities preserve this history as well as enhancing the vibrant environment that is Okahu.

Our Mission

To provide a pathway to the sea.


  • To integrate with schools, other clubs and community groups to increase participation
  • To create opportunities for healthy, active lifestyles in the community
  • To capture and enhance the passion for marine activity both competitively and socially
  • To ensure the financial sustainability of associated clubs and organisations
  • To help our valuable asset, Okahu, realise its full potential.


  • Improve Education – Actively promote and provide sports education, water safety, recreation and leisure opportunities.
  • Grow Participation – Provide a safe and well informed environment in which people for all ages and stages can grow and explore in and around the sea.
  • Provide Active Entertainment – Establish a significant and safe community centre for water and multi-sport activity for leisure, training and competitive purposes.
  • For the Community – An accessible and inclusive destination that people want to engage and connect with.


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